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Foundations for Farming USA is an initiative aimed at bringing transformation to individuals, communities and nations through faithful and productive use of land. God has revealed a very simple conservation farming method with an implementation management teaching, which when applied help people to apply the Gospel to their lives.Well-Cared-for-Garden2

IMG_0259It is our desire to help people see the importance of making the land beautiful, fruitful, and habitable. Through hands-on trainings and other resources we hope to equip people to be good stewards of the land, whether they have a container garden on their patio, or a full-fledged farm. Our heart is especially to help the poor have access to healthy, fresh food that they have profitably grown themselves.

We offer training on three different levels:

Level One: The Backyard Gardener
-Classes for beginners seeking to produce some of their own food.

Level Two: The Homesteader
-Classes for experienced gardeners seeking to produce most of their own food.

Level Three: The Market Farmer
-Classes for homesteaders seeking to produce food for sale to others.

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