One Day Basic Gardening Class

Join us for a one day training event designed for the gardener or beginner gardener. If you want to get started in growing your own food this event is designed for you. The course will include a mixture of classroom and hands on training. Event is held at Rora Valley Farms and begins at 8:00 in the morning and concludes at 4:00 PM. Please bring a packed lunch!

Topics covered will include the following:

Soil management: Basic Agronomy, Till vs. Minimal Till, Mulching.

Compost making: Importance of compost for soil health, compost methods, building a thermal compost pile.

Garden planning and preparation: Planning your garden, precision layout for maximum production, removing weeds, applying mulch.

Planting and Garden Care: Direct seeding and transplanting, watering, fertilizing, maintenance.

Handouts and materials will be included. Lunch will not be provided so please pack your own!


One Response to One Day Basic Gardening Class

  1. Katy wilbekin says:

    The wisdom and content of what you are providing and teaching is what I have been wanting to do as a ministry here in Florida, but do not know how to go about it, and do not have the knowledge.
    I would love to learn from your expertise, so that I can help others in my community spread the knowledge our Father provides through sowing and reaping, while at the same time helping to feed those who cannot feed themselves.

    Are there times after March 21st that you will be teaching the basic class?
    Thank you for your response,

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